Fish Migration

Taipei  2020





The concept of traveling back to this design originates from the idiom "as a fish gets water",
It implies that home is a place where people can feel at ease and settle.

The moving line is based on the idea of "∞" infinite loop, and the concept of backflow is vividly presented.
At the same time, through the use of materials and shapes, such as black iron, cement, old wood and other materials,
The surrounding atmosphere creates a simple and quiet overall space atmosphere, and also reflects the homeowner's propaganda of simple and quiet life philosophy.

The rough texture of the brick wall and traces of the original equipment, and the detailed circular mirrors allude to the heaven and earth space meaning of the unique "circle place",
Matching the sense of space created by the double fish-shaped iron pieces at the entrance and the curved measuring body wall,

Then it is a metaphor for residents to swim in this exclusive space and feel the beauty of inner essence.

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